From your heart to your skin
- Since 2013 -
C./ Sevilla, 33D
29640 Fuengirola
Málaga - ESPAÑA
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Monday to Friday
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11:00h - 18:00h
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From your heart to your skin since 2013

Rolling Tattoo is one of the most appreciated Tattoo Studios on the Costa del Sol.
All year long, we receive clients from all around the world. Some of them willing to have commercial tattoos and others looking for big and exclusive pieces from our artist. They choose us and trust us because they value the safety and comfort of our tattoo service. They want an artistic and professional piece with excellent sanitary conditions.

Our Specialities

Know more about the styles in which we are specialised in.

Exclusive use of Black ink!
Its goal isn’t to reach the realism. It is based on techniques such as dotwork, the style of lines used in the traditional engraved technique and the high contrast to achieve the most iconic tattoos of the ancestral tattoo tradition.

We like colours!
We are specialised in techniques where the saturation, the solid and high contrast gradients and the use of black ink, are esential for a good coloured tattoo. Depending on your skin tone, these type of tattoos will be a great choice.

Minimalist & thin line tattoos
Names, symbols, dates, phrases… The Commercial or Minimalist Tattoos are small pieces that can express a lot with very little. The experience and skills of the tattooer is decisive in the result of a these kind of tattoos.

We solve your question, without any obligation.

More than 7 years of experience in the Studio, not only tattooing, but also advising our clients.
Will the idea for the tattoo you have in mind work? How do I explain the tattoo artist what I want? Healing cares? Either if it’s your first tattoo or the next one, we’re willing to solve yourquestions, without any obligation. Visit our FAQ to orient yourself.

You won’t be alone inthe healing process of your tattoo

We use vegan inks and we trust in Vegan Friendly products for your tattoos.
We choose quality brands, respectful with animals, to heal and take care of your tattoos. We won’t forget about you once we’ve finished our work in the Studio: We will be available for you during the healing process of your tattoo, to develop a personalized aftercare service. As much as you, we want you to wear a beautiful piece of art on your skin.

Book your Appointment

We help you with your idea and the budget in our section of Appointments and Contact

To dress different from the other mortals!

Spreadshirt, Redbubble, ETSY... We work with different clothing and accesories platforms, so that you can also wear it.
Check out our Merchandise shops. Choose one of the designs with Javi Rolling’s unique style and take home something cool or if you prefer it for a gift: T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, cups, badges and even cute clothes for cool babies... We also have artistic prints on ETSY!
Keep on Rolling!